Demo Reel Update

Max Stöhr Demo Reel 2013 from Max Stöhr on Vimeo.

I thought this needed a little update.

MTV Idol

MTV IDOL from Polynoid on Vimeo.

Early this year I animated deer and tigers for Polynoid. Some more fancy pictures and concepts here.

Adventure Time

I animated parts of the “Adventure Time” Episode “A Glitch Is A Glitch” directed by David Oreilly. Super fun and also weird…

62814256 from David OReilly on Vimeo.



Oh wow! I haven’t updated this website in a long time. I guess it’s time to write down some of the things that happened in the last year.

So the one big thing I did in 2012: Together with Michael Sieber at Studio Soi I directed a short film for the German broadcaster ZDF.


It ran on Tv as part of the programme “Siebenstein” a couple of times and is making the rounds in festivals now. In May we actually won the “Tricks for Kids” award at the “Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart”.


That’s a terrible picture of me with the award. Next week it’s running at the Fantoche festival in Switzerland. Looking forward to that.

Some more pictures here and if you want to see the film in its entirety then head on over to this link. Unfortunately no subtitles there so brush up your German skills.

Updated Demo Reel

Updated my Demo Reel.

Looking for work for December and January.

Oscar Nomination for The Gruffalo

Thought it should get its own post.

Grabbed the picture from the Studio Soi Blog, which in turn nicked it from Matte Painter Alex Lindner.


A lot of things happened in the last two days in different parts of the world.  In no particular order:

    Also, I had my first radio interview.

    The Gruffalo made it on the Shortlist for the Animated Short Film category of the Academy Awards. Together with nine other short films it is competing for one of five nominations.

    Best of luck to the Gruffaloooooooooo!!!!!

    ‘Por destilar un corrosivo humor con una incendiaria carga política a través de un uso apabullante de la animación digital, tendiendo a su vez puentes a otros lenguajes no fílmicos como el del videojuego o el de los cómics’


    My Spanish is very basic, so let’s translate that:

    ‘By distilling a corrosive humor with an incendiary political charge through an overwhelming use of digital animation, tending to turn bridges to other languages do not like the film or the video game comics’

    Hm… Well, they really liked The External World and that’s why they gave it the Young Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the Gijón International Film Festival.


    The External World strikes again and wins the “ic! berlin – Berlin Award” at the Interfilm Festival in Berlin.


    I heard the audience really enjoyed it.